Deep cleanser for skin, with ozone The ozone vaporisers in our range are essential aids for professionals for in-depth cleansing of the facial skin. Steam baths have many beneficial effects, in addition to opening the pores; they help remove dead cells, improve blood circulation and guarantee in-depth cleansing, making all tre- atments more effective. In combination with the steam, the ozone lamp incorporated in the device has a deep cleansing and anti-inflammatory action, and what’s more the ozone’s bactericide effect reduces inflammation and significantly increases the skin’s elasticity and glow. To keep the device in good condition over time, the use of distilled water is recommended. The steam unit switches off automatically for safety reasons, when the water level drops below the minimum mark or when the tank was filled excessively with distilled water. Adjustable stand Adjustable head Pyrex cup Temperature 60°- 80° 800 watt 220-240V~50/60 Hz cm 78x57x135 h (max) X370003
SKU: X370003
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