We offer quality cosmetics for men and women. As gender equality is one of the most globalized issues of our time, we would like to remind you that our professional cosmetics are intended for ladies as well as gentlemen. After all, we all have a right to claim a shelf in the bathroom, right?
We support all men and women on a daily basis so they can feel better in their own skin. Even if there is no magic formula (sorry to tell you that!), our products are designed to effectively solve different skin issues: to slow down the aging process, to analyze a skin in crisis, or to sculpt a silhouette before summer.
To responsibly and thoughtfully develop our products, this is our belief! During our developments, we pay particular attention to the origin of our materials and our packaging (as local as possible). Some of our natural actives come from our own gardens, others are from fair trade, and others are organic... all in an ecological way. This is part of our specification and we use it every day.
Our strength is our quality and traceability, guaranteed thanks to our own infrastructures. Belonging to the family group (URL Sothys) and having our own infrastructure for our products is what make the guarantee of quality and traceability possible. Our products are a 100% made in France! From the design in our Research & Development laboratory, through to the manufacturing in our production unit and to delivery, all this happens in a green eco-setting in the middle of Corrèze.
Creativity and science are compatible! We ensure safety, aesthesis and efficiency through our treatment products. It is our commitment to search for innovative and diverse fragrances and textures in order to provide a moment of pleasure.
Our toxicologists test our products to ensure their skin compatibility and efficacy. We do not test on animals!
Inspired by the best of nature, Bernard Cassière give us special face and body treatment products. Each ingredient is selected for its benefits for the skin. The organic Aloe-Vera for example, known for its moisturizing properties, is a major component of the dehydrated skin product line.
Our Formulation Chart shows our philosophy: it is the result of the European Cosmetic Regulation standards (in force since 2013 and one of the strictest in the world) combined with our high standards in terms of design and formulation:
• We do not use disputable substances (parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde)
• We avoid harmful substances for the environment (plastic balls, palm oil)
• We do not test our products on animals and we do not utilize third-party animal testing: at Bernard Cassière we love rabbits and animal testing is forbidden by the Cosmetic Regulation since March 11, 2009 for cosmetic ingredients, and since September 11, 2004 for finished products! Anyhow, this was never the case in the Group.
Since March 2018, in a commitment for transparency, we display the amount of natural origin ingredients with a special logo. 
Respect for the Environment is also a priority for us. Although it is not often considered, at Bernard Cassière we believe in the importance of sustainability in our packaging design. 
• 100% We use paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests
• Packaging is mostly recyclable
• Our packages are mostly digitally printed. This technique:
 uses "green" inks that are guaranteed as biodegradable “OK compost"
 uses only recycled waste and consumables for their manufacture
 manufactures as efficiently as possible without generating waste of cardboard or ink
 doesn’t consume water, utilizes the "offset" printing technology
• We are constantly and actively attempting to find the right balance between “customer satisfaction” and “limiting our impact on the planet and the consumption of its resources"
• We minimize the packaging size and weight
• We prioritize recyclable packaging
• We are updated on the latest innovations in terms of sustainable development
• We separate and recycle our waste paper and other waste at our offices. This way everyone is aware and motivated to adopt an environmentally friendly workplace! 
To think outside the box and to surprise you is what we love the most at Bernard Cassière. We were the first to explore different fields; this includes the hemp moisturizing treatment, launched in 2001, and the successful edible Chocolate Cabin Treatment that made us popular and well known. 
Where other brands see beauty as the external appearance, we see a holistic concept, where beauty is global and should help every man and woman to be comfortable within themselves. What we want to share this feeling by designing products aligned with this philosophy for a bold and authentic beauty.
As part of a family group we are able to keep our independence and authenticity. Honesty, transparency and freedom of speech define us, but this philosophy is also is in the heart of our communications & claims.
• No empty promises: the words “products” and “care” means something to us and their value is proved by laboratory tests.
• We do not use Photoshop tricks and we prefer to show real women 
• We question our developments every day, we do not claim to be perfect and understand that we are part of an improvement process;
• We call ourselves Bernard and we own it!
How do we choose our ingredients?
Developed by our R&D laboratory, our formulas are the result of a thorough research on ingredients, texture and fragrance. All our treatments are designed respecting the formulation standards for high efficiency, respect and compatibility with the skin and also pleasing to use.
We are committed to prefer naturally active ingredients. However, to ensure efficiency and conservation, we sometimes include synthetic ingredients that are known for their safety, stability and efficacy. All our ingredients are scrupulously and carefully approved by a toxicologist and a pharmacist expert.
Are the products vegan?
Most of our products are Vegan. However, we may use ingredients such as honey or beeswax. Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries. 
What tests do we perform?
The cruelness of testing on animals.
We do not test our products on animals and we do not utilize third-party animal testing: at Bernard Cassière we love rabbits and animal testing is forbidden by the Cosmetic Regulation since March 11, 2009 for cosmetic ingredients, and since September 11, 2004 for finished products!
The safety of our products:
Our formulas are tested under dermatological control to ensure safety and tolerance for users. We partner with an independent laboratory composed of a multidisciplinary team (toxicologist, pharmacist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and clinician) where tests are conducted on human volunteers.
Once placed on the market, products will continue to be monitored. This is called cosmetic-vigilance, and is a type of customer network service. All observations related to the use of our products are reported to our experts via our worldwide customer network. The data collected allows us to analyze each case individually and develop an adapted report for each product. 
The efficacy of our products:
In the case of anti-aging and slimming products it is more suitable to measure their efficacy before placing on the market. We perform three types of tests:
• Self-assessment
• Technical experts 
• Instrumental.
If tests results are not up to our standards, we rework the formula until we get satisfactory results.
Information glossary:
Ingredients we no longer use:
• Parabens
• Mineral oils
• Lanolin
• Phthalates
• Formaldehyde
• Plastic balls
• Palm oil
• Phenoxyethanol: we do not intentionally add as a preservative since 2014, but some raw materials may contain traces.


Our current projects: 
(This list is not exhaustive and is constantly updated.)


We are adapting our formulations to exclude:
• Silicones
• SLS / SLES used in foaming

All Bernard Cassière products are rich in ingredients of natural origin, with concentrations of up to 100%!

All of our products are tested regularly for their suitability and effectiveness in our own laboratories before being distributed to selected beauty centers and spas. Each stage of the production takes place in our own laboratories, and this allows us to have complete safety and quality control. Our philosophy states that beauty is not limited to the appearance, but it is a holistic approach. We use ingredients that are pure, natural and carefully selected for our products. We avoid the use of substances and ingredients that are damaging to the environment. Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens or other disputable ingredients. They are produced with a high respect to nature and the ecosystem with one goal: To bring out your natural beauty! Welcome to our world.     DOWNLOAD CATALOGUE


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€34.00 €31.00
AFTER SUN FACE AND BODY FRESH GEL. A formula that soothes and softens the skin after sun exposure. Its anti-free-radical and repairing active ingredients help fight against photo-aging and the harmful effects of the sun. Its easily absorbed texture supports skin elasticity and provides an immediate and lasting refreshing effect. For all skin types. This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn.


€49.00 €38.00
ALOE NUTRITIVE PEARLS [NUTRI-ENRICHER SERUM] Rich in avocado and sweet almond oils and in bamboo and Aloe-vera extracts, this nutritious BOOSTER serum helps to restore and maintain the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Contains an organic extract of Aloe-vera. To restore skin radiance, suppleness and nutrition.


€53.00 €55.00
ALOE-VERA AQUASLEEPING PACK HIGH HYDRATION NIGHTCREAM. At the cutting edge of technology, this cream combines the best of nature and science and acts as a regenerative cocoon while you are asleep. Its amazing memory-shape texture visibly erases the signs of tiredness by creating a soothing cocoon, for a visibly fresher and plumped skin in the morning. For skins requiring high hydration, nutrition, suppleness and firmness.


€50.00 €49.00
ALOE-VERA HIGH HYDRATION CREAM. Τhis ultra-comfort cream literally melts under your fingertips and is easily absorbed when in contact with the skin. Like a second skin, it acts as a protective shield against skin hydration loss. A special formulation of natural aloe vera and bamboo extracts help to reinforce the skin barrier function and limit water loss, providing long lasting moisturizing power for dry and dehydrated skins.


€35.00 €32.00
ALOE-VERA HIGH HYDRATION MASK. Quench your skin’s thirst with this fresh and soft mask! Especially designed to satisfy the specific needs of the most dehydrated skins, the texture soothes uncomfortable skin tension and restores brightness and suppleness. With natural extracts of Bamboo and Aloe vera combined with Hyaluronic acid and Shea butter, this mask provides protection, nutrition and comfort!


€48.00 €49.00
ALOE-VERA HIGH HYDRATION SORBET CREAM. Light and ethereal, the texture of this sorbet gel - cream has been especially designed to combat dehydration in combination and oily skins. It offers long lasting hydration power. Natural extracts of Bamboo and Aloe vera combined with Hyaluronic acid favour water distribution in the skin, with immediate absorption. Recommended for oily and combination skins with dehydration.


€49.00 €39.00
BAMBOO TEARS [ULTRA-HYDRATING SERUM] A complex of Βamboo and Aloe-vera extracts delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids to restore skin suppleness and elasticity. Cactus extract combined with a hyaluronic acid derivative helps to maintain water in the tissues for long lasting skin hydration. For dehydrated skins.

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