Financial Leasing is now a part of our business world  

SPATIUM TRADING LTD, observing today’s constantly changing economic events, has pioneered and established with great success since 2013, a new form of financing. Financial Leasing opportunity which is now available for Beauty institutes, SPAs and Medical centers. 

What is Financial Leasing??? 

This Financial Leasing involves the lease of a device/item by SPATIUM TRADING LTD to the lessee for a specific time frame and rental instalment. The Lesee has the right to ownership of the device/item if the provisions of the contract are observed until the very last rental instalment. 

These Financial Leasing programs are innovative but also flexible with duration of 1 to 5 years of secure funding. 

Advantages of Financial Leasing:  

  • INCLUDING a 2 to 5 year Guarantee
  • FREE maintenance with the Financial leasing of new devices/items.

This reduced credit risk Guarantees:

  • Immediate interest-free financing without bank charges.
  • Maximum liquidity of the investment as the Lesee is not bound by the full amount of the device/item.
  • Full ownership of the device/item of the Financial Leasing agreement is transferred to the Lesee once the final instalment is paid.  

The Financial Leasing agreement may be terminated at any point by the Lesee in accordance with the terms of the agreement provided the monthly installments are paid up to the current month. (In comparison to the repayment of a bank loan, where the borrower is obliged to provide payments up to the final installment). 

Our Company philosophy: 

Based on the principle that overall customer satisfaction is imperative, we strive to provide advantages that are of great importance to the customer, with customized and smart solutions. We offer a results-oriented strategy, of significant value to those who wish to take the next step in their professional careers. 

With Financial Leasing we offer businesses the opportunity to acquire the latest technology devices on the market, tailored to their own specific needs. 

Terms and conditions apply.